Feb 22, 2009

Sorry For Unconvenience

Attention Please:

To avoid bandwidth exceed of my imagehosting causes image can't be displayed, really really suggested to upload background image and another image to your own hosting...

How to:

  1. Save Image Background. If you're using Mozilla Firefox, right click on your page, select view imagebackground, save and upload it to your imagehosting such as photobucket.com or imageshack.us . Or, open edit HTML, you can find image background URL, copy paste and go to address. Save image and upload it on your imagehosting.
  2. Edit HTML code. Copy URL link from your imagehosting, paste to HTML code
It's Better to prepare ^_^v


  1. kok limit bisa habis ? memang pake image hosting yang mana ?

    kan banyak yg unlimited (and free) - googling aja

  2. wah pantesan mbake.....emotion di girlscornerku tadi sempet down....ilang smua

  3. @rio:free storage apa free traffic bandwidth?

    @anna:iyah mbak wkekwkewkekwk..maap

  4. hahahahha terlalu banyak yang make..xixixixix duh kacian

  5. Ya ampun mbak, makannya pake hostingan yang bonafit mbak. Misalnya Ucoz.Com, emang sih rada ribet tapi bandwithnya gede. Gmn?

  6. I would be happy to do that... Problem is, I don't know how. Care to give a hand?

  7. @mochal:huuhuuhh
    @orangndut:mungkin pke picasa aja deh, hihiih...
    @animanganiac: thanks really thanks, you can open HTML page and find background image URL, copy URL, and go to url page. save the image. Upload to your own imagehosting such as phoobucket or picassa..use your URL for HTML code

  8. @ cebong to animanganiac : o gitu toh caranya... sayah juga baru tau

  9. I want to exchange link with your blog,
    go to my blog and contact me now.
    my blog is www.zenplate.blogspot.com

  10. Ok my friend I have exchanged link with ur blog. you can go to http://www.zenplate.blogspot.com to check .

    Now you can add my blog to your site.Thanks very much and dont forget to introduce my blog to ur friends and 4rums you like.

  11. @quinie:wehwhew masa?
    @vuluganck: done

  12. Hi again, Cebong.

    Done saving the image backgrounds to my own photobucket account. Thank you for telling me how to do this.

  13. @animanganiac:you're welcome..I've upgrade my account but it's only one year..thanks to do that

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