Oct 12, 2011

Why Business Websites Need Top Web Hosting Services?

Have you ever heard the word ‘web hosting’ whenever someone talks about launching or creating their website? Do you know what it means or why do we use this word? No? Well that is pretty normal. In fact quite predictable since the word web hosting is a professional word and is part of jargon used by web professionals. But everyone, especially those who are thinking to have a website in the future or are planning to have it at present, should be well aware of this word because it has a close connection with any website. In fact it would not be wrong to say that only web hosting is one tool which lets your website be called as a website because without it, your website is only a compilation of various files in to one big file which still needs to be associated with the ‘web’.

So web hosting, in the simplest of words, can be explained as a marketing tool which lets your website be showcased in a shop from where the whole world can see it and get access to it. Web hosting is the whole process of locating your website on internet, making it available to the visitors and then carrying on with unstoppable flow of all those services which will keep your website running and active.

A web host is a company which is responsible for providing the reliable and best hosting services. You can find several web host companies online. Most of them are extremely customer-friendly and helpful. Although it is the job of your website developer to get you the most appropriate and suitable web Host Company for your content but it is always a better idea to get yourself involved in this whole procedure. This way you not just gain lots of useful information but also feel capable of making important decisions regarding your website.

There must be lots of website owners who feel confused and puzzled when it comes to the selection of the right hosting plan although it is an extremely easy task which requires a little bit of your interest and time. See, the point is, you need to know your website really well because only then you will be able to judge Top Web hosting plans. One most important thing your website will tell you is that whether it is meant for heavy-duty business or is it just a small one. This is the biggest deciding factor and is really helpful as well.

Oct 5, 2011

Blogger Store V2, Best Online Store Blogger Templates

Best Blogger template online store 2011 ever made. Designed by Rifki from Javatemplates.com, published on Oom's site, this Blogger store built with complete features.
Designed clean, fresh, simple supported with online store script especially shopping cart features.

What the features of Blogger Store v2 ?

1. SimpleCart.js v2.2.2.

This template still using SimpleCart.js v.2.2.2 by The Wojo Group as ShoppingCart framework.

2. Animated ShoppingCart

Animation effects on shopping cart, at default position it would not be visible and show only the total item and the total price and will be visible if you click on shopping cart menu.

2. Superfish Menu.

3. Automatic Featured Content with jQuery Carousel Fred.

Blogger Store v2.0 using Automatic featured content from jQuery Crausel Fred v.4.5.2, this is automatically work to displaying product by label or recent product also can display from another source, just need a several setting.

4. Grid and List Style post integrated with jQuery Plugin.

This is a greatest one,choose two view style on this template, default is Grid style and will be change to List style if you click switcher button. This feature is integrated with jQuery Cookie Plugin, so the visitor can see style of the last time they visited.

5. Advanced Blogger Template Designer Support

This feature gives you flexibility to customize the background and color of template on Template Designer, so you can get unlimited color and unlimited font for your template, available for :

Body Background Color
Main Text Color
Font Style and Size
Text Link Color
Background Menu Color
Background and border for Shopping Cart Color

This template also have several additional features:

6. Social Bookmark Icon
7. Search Form
8. Ads Space
9. Animated Sponsors Logo
10. Pattern Background.

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