Dec 31, 2008

Blogger Template : Zinmag Remedy

Zinmag Remedy, this is a great template. A magazine style with professional look adopted from Wordpress theme and bloggerized by Falcon Hive. Zinmag Remedy template suitable for business blog and this is free, absolutely free. This is Zinmag Remedy's screenshot.

For setting and downloading, you can visit [here]

Template Specification

Template name: Zinmag Remedy
Template Author: Jinsona Design
Template Converter: Falcon Hive
Compatible BSP: Blogger
Possible Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox RC3, Opera 9.6, Google Chrome
Validation: XHTML/ CSS
Column: 4
Gadget: Ready
Navigation Bar: Ready (2)
Search Bar: Ready
Welcome Message: No
Feature Content Section: Ready (3)
RSS: Ready (2)
Ads Space: Ready (3)
Video Space: Ready
Footer Gadget: Yes (4)
Feature: Dark professional magazine style design, Customizable double header navigation bar, Featured content section on the top and the side of the page.

Dec 25, 2008

Free Mobile Wallpaper : Cute Momo

This is my own design, mobile wallpaper 240x320 px. I call this Cute Momo, cute cartoon in six series.
cute allpaper

Dec 23, 2008

Free Icons Web

Do you love to decorate and customize your desktop? Or maybe you want to customize your blog appearance? You can do that easily. Using an icon make blog or web appear difference. But you have no skill to draw or design. Dont worry, you can download many icons and good news it's free for you.

Go to Free Icons Web and download it freely. So many categories you can choose and adjust to your need.

Dec 20, 2008


This is my new design. I love green so much, feel so fresh. You can place your banner. Just change the code with your banner code. See the comment form, setting for author photo comment, and funny emoticon. If you don't like an emoticon, just remove javascript code. For more question, leave your comment here.

Preview Download

Dec 18, 2008

Free Emoticon : Peach Cute

Do you like a cute stuff? Why you dont try this free emoticon. Wanna use this on your blog and comments? Enjoy this cute emoticon freely.

Blue World

Are you blue lover?
This is my three column template. So simply but strong color.


My new design. I love this one, suitable for personal blog. You must see the comment form. I give author photo and numbering comments. Download it freely.

Blue Magz

This is my another free blogger template. Blue, Three column. It's so simple so make your blog loading faster. See that unique calendar icon. You can replace ads banner. At the comment body, have a different color, owner and visitor comment.
Attention : set your Date header format to mm.dd.yyyy

Dec 12, 2008

Fruits Vector

This is my own picture. This night, draw fruits image. The first one is mango. I love this fruit.
And then orange. Hemm it's so fresh.And the last one is apple.Created using Inkscape Image Creating and Editing Software. The good news is this software totally free. You can download it here [link]

Enjoy this stuff, you can download it free. Right click and save image.

Dec 2, 2008

Dark Brown


This is my own blogger template. Suitable for personal blog. This template so simple. There's no many image so this template will load faster.

Make some adjustment. Go to Setting>Formatting> Timestamp Format and choose format Thursday, February 4 2009. To change menu bar, just change with your own url.
Contact me for more question. For three columns version, has been released.

Nov 30, 2008

Curve 3 Columns Template

This is not my own design. This Curved Templates designed by Just Skin and converted to bloggger by Francisco . The original template is two column only have one sidebar at the right. And then I convert it to 3 columns so I just add one sidebar beside the old one. I really love that baby blue template, so cute, calm. There's no many detail really simple suitable for personal blog.

And this is te result is...

Curved Template 3 Columns Lowerbar:
  • 3 columns with 2 sidebar
  • Lowerbar 3 kolom
  • Advertising space
  • Readmore
  • Embedded Comment Form
If you wanna see the original source please go to

Link Free Download

Curved Template 3 Columns Lowerbar [link]

  • Back up your template before you upload the new one
  • Remove header that you upload through page element
  • For more help, just Buzz me

Nov 28, 2008

Pinky Blue Template

Hemm what about this? This template is too cute for me ha ha. I embed it with animated emoticon.
You can download it free [HERE] [PREVIEW]

Pinky Stripe Template

This template is so cute especially for a girl love pink. I embed it with favicon, and there's three coloumn at lower so it's usefull if your blog have a lot of widget.
You can customize using your own header
Download file [HERE]

Greeny Fresh Template

This is my greeny template, created from two coloumn original blogger template and I convert it become three coloumn. It's so fresh and girly. Sorry this is just preview ^_^ cos I gave it special.

This is personal template, I embedded it with animated emoticon

Oct 27, 2008

Crazy Girl

Moji Emoticon

Wan Wan Emoticon

Ham Ham Emoticon

Cute Ham Ham Emoticon Photobucket Download Here

Crazy Rabbit Emoticon

PhotobucketTry this one, download here.

Tuzki Crazy Rabbit emoticon [here]

Yoyo Emoticon

PhotobucketFunny Monkey Emoticon. Download Here

Oct 22, 2008

Emo Girl Emoticon

PhotobucketTry this one. Download Here

Cici Emoticon

PhotobucketCute Monkey Girl Emoticon for Your Site. Download Here

Blue Boy Emoticon

PhotobucketBoys only. Download Here

Oct 21, 2008

Green Girl

What about this one?. 

Download Here

Girl Orange Emoticon

This cute one for you girl.

Download Here

Froggy Emoticon

Try this Green Frog Emoticon

Download Here

Boy Emoticon

This is for you, guys

Download Here

Deasi Emoticon

Add this emoticon to your collection 

Download Here

Blue Hair Girl Emoticon

Photobucketwanna this cute emoticon? 10 image

Download Here

Panda Emoticon

 wanna cute this one? Get 53 image

Download here


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