Dec 31, 2008

Blogger Template : Zinmag Remedy

Zinmag Remedy, this is a great template. A magazine style with professional look adopted from Wordpress theme and bloggerized by Falcon Hive. Zinmag Remedy template suitable for business blog and this is free, absolutely free. This is Zinmag Remedy's screenshot.

For setting and downloading, you can visit [here]

Template Specification

Template name: Zinmag Remedy
Template Author: Jinsona Design
Template Converter: Falcon Hive
Compatible BSP: Blogger
Possible Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox RC3, Opera 9.6, Google Chrome
Validation: XHTML/ CSS
Column: 4
Gadget: Ready
Navigation Bar: Ready (2)
Search Bar: Ready
Welcome Message: No
Feature Content Section: Ready (3)
RSS: Ready (2)
Ads Space: Ready (3)
Video Space: Ready
Footer Gadget: Yes (4)
Feature: Dark professional magazine style design, Customizable double header navigation bar, Featured content section on the top and the side of the page.


  1. kalau aku ganti theme xml blogger, terus yg widget di sidebar yg sekarang hilang gak mbak ceb?

  2. yuhuuu mantab templatenya.... semangat terus untuk mengawali tahun baru...

  3. Mba aku juga kayaknya tahun baru ganti template baru nih. Ada referensi ga?

  4. Selamat tahun baru 2009 Bos
    moga tahun beson lebih baik dari tahun kemarin

    keren banget

  5. Mbak citi, eh...keliru...., cipiet denk....

    aku dadi gak iso turu iki, ndelok template iku..
    Wes, mbohlah...
    Kudu turu iki... :). habis....

    Btw, terima kasih infonya.... :)

  6. bikin pengin aneh-aneh lagi tuh...gatel

  7. wah mbak Cebong buka cabang, kerennnnn

  8. Kok kebanyakan foto2 template nya

  9. aku nganggo iki lho... nang

  10. cara spaya foto di sliding panel sma highlight biar keluar di setting d'mna seeh? .

  11. best templates for blogger

    ur can download templates here

  12. @bloggeronline:thx
    @reez:baca smw petunjuknya dg teliti...ada smw

  13. mba, klo mo diganti warna putih terutama buat postingannya dimananya ya..???

    Sori masih amatir nich ^^..,
    soalnya biar ga terlalu dark bangetz..
    thx b4

    Cheers, Un-T

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  16. I tried this Zinmag Remedy template a couple of weeks ago and it looks really cool, it is so cool that I haven't changed it yet and I change my template very often, and the best part is that is completely free


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