May 25, 2010

How to Use Google Font API on Blog CSS?

What is Google Font API? The Google Font API helps you add web fonts to any web page. It means you dont need to install font family on your desktop computer to see custom font on any web.
Benefits of the Google Font API include:
  • A choice of high quality open source fonts.
  • Works in most browsers.
  • Extremely easy to use.
For example, the following text uses a web font called Tangerine:

We can apply this font on web without install it on our PC, even our visitor can see it because we use font and script from Google Directory.

Yes, Google have created Google Font Directory. There we can browse this catalog of available fonts, learn about the font designers who created them, and copy the code required to use them on our web page. The fonts in the directory are all released under open source licenses; you can use them on any non-commercial or commercial project.

Now, we can use this unique font on our website or blog. How to use Google Font API ? For reference, you can read this Quick Start example or follow this example.

Step 1
Open Layout>Edit HTML. Add a stylesheet link to request the desired web font(s). Copy these code and paste after <head> code

Note : Change Font name as your desire or you can pick this code from Google Font Directory. For exampale if you want to use Yanone Kaffeesatz font, go to Google font directory, click on font type, then click on Get Code.

Step 2
Insert CSS code
font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz', arial, serif;

You can insert it wherever you want. For example you want use that font for Post title, so insert it after
.post h3 {

or you want to use it as global font so insert it after


I try to use custom font for my post title as you can see it. I think this is a great idea especially for everyone who concern on blog design and appearance. Thanks Google.

May 17, 2010

Improved Post Preview Blogger in Draft

Usually we preview our posts before hit publish. We want to see how it looks, it was good or still needs to be fixed? Blogger in Draft now supports a new improved preview That feature allows you to see how your post will from actually look to your readers.

This is a preview of the new beta testing, so you Should to log in to write or try a new post preview. On the New Post page, click on the Preview button, and you will of see a new window open with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) preview of the post. This is how your blog post to your readers will from Appear Pls you publish, with The Same format and style of your current theme Blogger. And to host the blog you can check out some plan under blog

Note That the preview page does not automatically updated as the contents of the post changes. To make sure the post looks OK after you've done further editing, you can manually refresh the preview page, or click the Preview button again.

(Source: Blogger in Draft)

May 15, 2010

Twitter Background Gallery

No day without tweeting? Do you addicted to Twitter? Need a personal looks of your Twitter profile? Usually we really frustate because we have no skill to design . Don't worry, there are so many free Twitter background can inspire us.

Twitter Background Gallery, showcasing more than a thousand of Twitter background. Twitter Backgrounds Gallery is the largest showcase of unique Twitter backgrounds submitted and recommended by Twitter users worldwide. Get inspired, vote for your favorites, find a designer or DIY resources and most importantly - have fun! Proud of your own twitter background? Submit it to the gallery.

10 Things I Knew When I Started Blogging

You want to become a professional blogger, make loads of money and have the good life. All these guys do is write for a living, right? They spend a couple hours a week to put up a few blog posts and their readers are just itching for more. These bloggers are following the ten blogging commandments.

1. Have passion about your topic

You want to write something that you would read. If you're constantly reading about sports, why not make a sports blog? The right topic is one that you are passionate about. Readers always have room for one more blog if it's well written and from the heart.

2. Be consistent with your topic

You are drawing on a canvas when you write new posts. If you are painting with subdued blues and greens, it is jarring to suddenly switch over to fluorescent fuchsia. Likewise is you suddenly talk about religion on your weight loss journal.

3. Respond to comments

Comments provide that extra personalization to the blog. They can sometimes expound upon the topic. They can provide the forum for some great discussions and further blog posts. Give them a response and be thankful that people are reading.

4. Search for blogs you like

Chances are, there are blogs that you have been keeping up with for ages. What keeps you going back? Is it the writer's style and ego? Is it the way that the blogger loves peaches just like you? Place your own spin on the things you like about these sites.

5. Have an ironclad ego

You can't take comments personally. You wanted your blog to inspire passion, and it has. Remember that the angry commenters may be having a bad day and want to take it out anonymously on those around them.

6. Be a stickler for your posting schedule

Following a posting schedule is paramount to retaining readers. It's better if you write it in your profile 'Every Tuesday and Friday, … brings us into the world of great cheese,' but it should be followed. Essentially, you do not want to give your readers any reasons to stray.

7. Invest in a good design

You have about thirty seconds to make a great impression on a reader who is cruising for new blogs. Anything that makes a blog harder to read, from loud wallpapers to busy animations, drives visitors away instead of attracting them.

8. Be the one in charge

When it comes down to it, you're the one who's writing. You are the one in charge, not the commenters. They may be the ones who offer advice, but you're steering the ship.

9. Market your blog

You would read your blog because it offers the best advice in your favorite topic. Why not let other people know about it through advertising?

10. Invest a lot of time in your blog

Everything you do to improve your blog takes time. You need to do research into the new trends. You need to look into the new marketing techniques. You need to brush up on comma usage. A great blog takes time and does not come out of thin air.

I wish that I had these commandments when I first started blogging. I wish that I'd known how much time it takes to do research and keep up with marketing. I wish that I had known I'd be in charge of the marketing, because I thought that there was a magic visitor button to make traffic run to my site. Following these tips will help you incrementally improve traffic to your blog, and that is how real success is born.

Guest Author:
James Adams works with the team at CartridgeSave where he reviews products such as the HP 336 ink cartridge and helps out on their blog.

May 10, 2010

Convert Bitmap to Vector Service

What is vector graphic? Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics (Source : Wikipedia)

Humm..such a theoritical definition isn't it. It's easier to see image below.

Example showing effect of vector graphics versus raster graphics. The original vector-based illustration is at the left. The upper-right image illustrates magnification of 90x as a vector image. The lower-right image illustrates the same magnification as a bitmap image. Raster images are based on pixels and thus scale with loss of clarity, while vector-based images can be scaled indefinitely without degrading quality.

Do you have a bitmap image? You want to resize, rescale it? Of course, bitmap/raster graphic quality will degrade. So you need to vectorize it. Check this example below.

Image above is taken from photograph. Custom vector service can change into another character. Look at the right image. It's look different with the left photograph. It's looks nice.

Or do you want to vectorize your own photograph?

Check this detailed Lady Gaga vector graphics.

Have no skill to do that? You can ask , provide bitmap to vector service. Just contact him at his blog here

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