Mar 27, 2011

Couple in Love Header Blog

Looking for a cute header blog? Especially for your personal blog. Usually personal blog contain life and love story, happy and sad story. Mostly, girl or woman blogger love cute blog layout, and they are looking for cute header blog.

That's why I post this cute couple illustration as header blog. Note that this is not my illustration, I find this and still looking for the creator so I can give the credit link.

How to use this? I only give png format, so you can use this directly on your blog. Click and save the header blog picture, then you can upload it.

Couple play the music at hill header blog

Couple with a love arrow header blog

Cycling couple around city header blog

Please wait for another header blog, or you can request header blog theme on comment. Thank you

Mar 26, 2011

Romantic Dinner

Blogger Template Romantic Dinner, couple theme series. Pink, love, heart, suitable for romantic couple. Share your love story, lovable moment to your friend on your blog, and make them excited with your blog appearance. Two columns, fixed background, cute graphic header blog.

Download this cute template for free. Click download link, and click download button on page.

Couple At Garden

Another couple theme series, I call this Couple at a garden blogger template. Dominated with green color, simple 2 layouts, suitable for your personal diary blog.

How to download this? Please click the download link. You will find landing page, then click download button. Save it to your desktop. It's xml template file.

Cycling Couple in Love

Another love theme blogger template. Dominated with sweet purple color, simple layouts, and cycling couple in love as header blog graphic. I also use custom font for post title and sidebar title, such a girly font I guess :D

Use this for your online diary blog, share your love story, sweet or bitter, or you want to tell to someone you love.

How to download this? Please click the download link. You will find landing page, then click download button. Save it to your desktop. It's xml template file.

Mar 21, 2011

Blogger Buzz : What's New With Blogger in 2011 ?

Along 2010, Blogger has released so many features including template designer, real-time stats, comments spam filtering, mobile templates, web fonts, and some new gadgets. Blogger is the most realiable and free blogging service around.

Now in 2011, Blogger will make some makeover on user interface. New design on Blogger post editor offer cleaner and more modern interface.

New Post Editor

Old Post Editor

Blogger also will makeover Dashboard interface. Check this out

New Dashboard

Old Dashboard

These are just a few new features share to Blogger user. Blogger promise to publish it soon and look forward to unveiling more througout 2011.

Mar 17, 2011

Follow By Email Blogger Gadget

Blogger has launched new blogger/blogspot gadget, Follow by Email gadget. Most of blogger use feedburner code for subscription tools. As you can see on my right side of this blog. User have to create a feedburner account and create subscription gadget. What is the use of this subscription gadget? Just like Followe gadget, we can follow our favorite blog and get recent updates from Blogger dashboard. The difference is by this Follow by Email, we will get recent updates by Email.

Now Blogger have provide this subscription gadget simply. How to add Follow by Email gadget? Just log in to your Blogger account, click Design. On Page Elements, add new gadget and choose Follow by Email gadget. This gadget provide a simple way for readers to subscribe which are delivered directly to email.

Once you add the Follow by Email gadget, readers visiting your blog can then just enter their email address and click Submit. Recent update of your blog delivered to visitor email automatically.

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