Mar 17, 2011

Follow By Email Blogger Gadget

Blogger has launched new blogger/blogspot gadget, Follow by Email gadget. Most of blogger use feedburner code for subscription tools. As you can see on my right side of this blog. User have to create a feedburner account and create subscription gadget. What is the use of this subscription gadget? Just like Followe gadget, we can follow our favorite blog and get recent updates from Blogger dashboard. The difference is by this Follow by Email, we will get recent updates by Email.

Now Blogger have provide this subscription gadget simply. How to add Follow by Email gadget? Just log in to your Blogger account, click Design. On Page Elements, add new gadget and choose Follow by Email gadget. This gadget provide a simple way for readers to subscribe which are delivered directly to email.

Once you add the Follow by Email gadget, readers visiting your blog can then just enter their email address and click Submit. Recent update of your blog delivered to visitor email automatically.


  1. blogspot new gadget follow by email ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Do you know if there is a way to tell how many people have subscribed their email to this subscribe by email button? I just added this feature to my blog yesterday and know there are at least a few that have done it because they told me they did but I can't find anywhere on the backend that shows who or even how many have done this.

    I actually created a whole new blog for the purpose of using this tool that is linked to my main blog b/c I write columns for a local newspaper and want people to be able to recieve a link to my column by email when it is published. So I created a new blog with only my published columns on it and figure each time I have a new column i'll post it up there (and hope this works?) But it would be nice to see how many people have signed up for it.

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