Jan 9, 2015

Houze Idea Blogger Template Design

A plain, simple, and modern style of blogger template is not so me. Even for home design and home improvement blog, I apply my cute style for this house theme blogger template. Houze Idea , is a blog discuss about house design and home improvement things.

For header graphic, I use a stylish woman as a house consultant with home and environment as background pattern. A custom Houze Idea logo, determine the HI initial. This is the preview of blogger template design.

Visit the Houze Idea blog HERE. Please share if you like this blogger template design.

Jan 8, 2015

Mommy's Kitchen Free Blogger Template

Special for stay at home mom or every woman who loves cooking, Mommy's Kitchen, a cute free premium blogger template.

A fancy and colorful stripe as a background template, beautiful woman cooking with her cooking stuff on table such as pan, bottle, tomato, vegetables. Use this kitchen blogger template for your food, cooking, kitchen blog.

Please preview this cooking blogger template HERE and download XML file HERE. Note that there's a download button on right top page. Do not copy the file but download it then follow this instruction How to Install Blogger Template.

Jan 6, 2015

Happy Kiddies Cute Blogspot Template

Dear Mommy, this is a special free premium blog template for you. Happy Kiddies, simple yet cute blogspot template for your kids blog. Basically, a mommy love to share anything about her children, so this is a perfect template design for you.

Two columns layout with colorful children graphic on header, combine with white plain post and  lower section. No special modern feature such as a slideshow or shopping cart, but I think you can use this as kid clothes or toys online shop template too.

You can preview cute blogspot template HERE and please download XML file HERE. Please share if you like this cute template. Thank you.

Jan 4, 2015

Shopping Girl Free Premium Blogger Template

Special for you girls, another free premium cute blogspot template. Dear shoppaholic, this is the perfect template for your shopping blog.

Share your shopping tips, shopping experience, product review, or anything about you and your personal story. You also can use this as online shop template, but sorry no gallery or shopping cart feature here.

Cute girl in front of store hold her shopping bag represent your shopping interest. Two columns layout with soft pastel color and stripe background, all in one is free for you.

Please preview this cute blogger template HERE and download XML file HERE. How to install this template? Please read link above.

Jan 3, 2015

Secret Diary Free Premium Cute Blogger Template

Secret Diary, I name this is free premium cute blogger template. Girl character on header read her secret diary represent the theme. I combine cute girl graphics with stripe background and sweet cupcake, suits your personal blog.

Two columns with not too many ornaments, give a perfect combination of free premium blogger template for girl. Share your personal story on your blog and let your blog design match with the content.

Please preview template HERE and download XML file HERE.

Jan 2, 2015

Scrapbook and Cupcake Cute Blog Template

Another cute blogspot template, similar with previous template design. It represent cupcake shop or bakery shop with its wooden wall, combined with scrapbook cupcake graphic style. Ribbon and cute rooftop complete the cupcake shop inspiration.

Use this cute blogspot template for your personal cupcakery blog, cupcake online shop, or everything about cupcake.

Please preview Scrapbook & Cupcake template HERE and you can download XML file HERE.

Jan 1, 2015

Vintage Cupcakery Blogspot Template

Combination of wood texture and cute cupcakes icon, here I present you Vintage Cupcakery blogspot template. This is custom blogspot template only but feel free to convert it to another blog platform such as Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.

Im sorry, I have no free time to accept any custom design or answer any question. Use this template as it is. It can't be adjusted using Blogger feature, tweak the XML code only.

Use this Cupcakes template for your kitchen, cake, bakery blog, and show to the world your sweetest blog.

Preview this cute template HERE, and download the XML file HERE.

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