Sep 26, 2012

The Truth Value Of A Website (Infographic)

The internet is a new global online community provides a huge pool of resources for getting latest information, expanding social network, creating business promotions, and gaining high profit. Do you belive it? I do because I've experienced in it. By creating informative website, it refers you loyal customer that's it means expanding your business.

Learn more about how having website opens the gate of many marvelous opportunities online. It's about the truth value of developing website.

Sep 24, 2012

How Effective Is Email Marketing?

Do you want to make your customers closer and make them spend more often? Do you want high profit from online marketing? I'm sure the answer is yes, then email marketing is the best investment you can make now and for future growth.

Email marketing one of the best promoting tool on the internet. If you are able to perform email optimization, it will give amazing results at an affordable cost. Read carefully how effective is email marketing below.

Sep 12, 2012

Ngerantang Catering Blog Design

Mba Nining email me and ask for cute blog design for her catering service blog. She want a fresh color and choose orange green color. Not too strong color so I suggest a pastel color as usual. Ngerantang is her blog title, because she thinks that rantang or food pot/pan represent her catering business.

For header graphic, I design a woman with her hijab hold pan and spoon surrounded by kitchen set and food ingredients.  Here is the blog preview

Sep 2, 2012

Ranggachoco, Cake and Cookies Blog Design

The next cute blogg design for cake and cookies blog, Ranggachoco. The Ranggachoco's owner request a cute design with soft purple color, I combine plain purple with tartan background pattern so it looks more cheerful.

She also request header graphic of her family, she and her two kids with cake and cookies at the kitchen. Also a custom blog logo of Ranggachoco.

A little detail of sidebar title background. Also share button on every post. What do you think about this choco blog design?

Sep 1, 2012

Bagz Hauz , Bag Online Store Blog Design

Bagz Hauz owner come to me with her own blog design idea. She flies to Europe to procure authentic designer bags and sell them online. So she want to customize her blog so people can associate blog to her company.

Her idea is since she go for buying trips so she is thinking of using an airplane that flies to Europe. Behind the pilot is graphical images of bags stacked to the brim. Then add bags parachuting down and airplane either pulling a banner with Bagz Hauz branding on it.

Then I make her idea come true design like below. A pastel color as tartan pattern background, an airplane with stylish woman as a pilot bring her stacked bags. The airplane flies on bright sky bring Bagz Hauz banner. What do you think about this bags online store design?


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