Nov 30, 2008

Curve 3 Columns Template

This is not my own design. This Curved Templates designed by Just Skin and converted to bloggger by Francisco . The original template is two column only have one sidebar at the right. And then I convert it to 3 columns so I just add one sidebar beside the old one. I really love that baby blue template, so cute, calm. There's no many detail really simple suitable for personal blog.

And this is te result is...

Curved Template 3 Columns Lowerbar:
  • 3 columns with 2 sidebar
  • Lowerbar 3 kolom
  • Advertising space
  • Readmore
  • Embedded Comment Form
If you wanna see the original source please go to

Link Free Download

Curved Template 3 Columns Lowerbar [link]

  • Back up your template before you upload the new one
  • Remove header that you upload through page element
  • For more help, just Buzz me


  1. Makasih mba, read morenya udah bisa. Tadi aku buka trus tidak di centang "Expand Wodget"-nya trs save. Setelah itu aku tambahin kode readmore nya, sekarang udah bisa. he...he... Makasih ya?

  2. @mas seno:heheheheh nice to share mas

  3. Hi Thanx for the great template


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