Feb 17, 2009

Zinmag Tribune

Are you magazine addicted? Here's the latest magazine style blogger template, adopted from Wordpress Theme, Zinmag Tribune. Another Jinsona's great design and converted to blogger by Alvaris Falcon. You can check another Zinmag series Zinmag Remedy, Zinmag Primus, Zinmag Forex, Zinmag Futura. More effort to set up magazine style, it's worth for elegant looks. Here's the straight shortcut to original source. Read instruction carefully.

zinmag tribune blogger template


  1. template yang keren...!!!pengen ganti template lagi....Hmmmm....gak ding...aku belom bosen ma template yang sekarang...but thank's ye...kapan2 gw sedot ne template

  2. @prof: ganti aja..biar pengunjung betah jg

  3. Mantap....template impian para blogger mania

  4. whoaaa...!! ini template keren euy..

    ngelink dulu ahh..biar kapan2 bisa maen ke sini lagi, hehe..

  5. kapan kapan minta ijin nyuri template-nya ya..

  6. sedot ahhhh.....!!!! tankz sebelumnya..

  7. kok ngak bisa download..?
    bantuin dunk, gimna cara downloadnya...


  8. good blog..hope you dont mind to visit my blog to get approved in adsense in half hour


  9. thank you

  10. Bagus banget..
    Tapi mengapa di blog saya blog postnya jadi keulang 2 kali ya? mohon bantuannya

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  15. mbak templatnya keren keren
    ijin download semua ya :D


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