Feb 14, 2009

Zinmag Futura

Zinmag Futura, another Wordpress Theme designed by Jinsona, is now converted to Blogger Template by Cahaya Biru . Zinmag Futura Blogger Template fully magazine style, with slide featured similar to Zinmag Remedy and another Zinmag familiy. If you prefer to bright color magazine template than the dark one, Zinmag Futura is the right choice.

As you know, Magazine style blogger template consist of so many element. You must spent more time to learn how to setting up so many element. But do not worry, you can go to Converter's Blog to check installation setting and download it free. Get your best magazine look


  1. great template, fast loading... thanks for your good idea...

  2. Nice template....
    Thanks for free template

  3. Bong, aq mau tanya templete yg loadingnya ringan n cepet ada gak ya?
    Aq ini serius lo..
    Tp yg bagus ya..
    Ntar kalo gak da koment balesan, aq mau nyontek template blog kamu ini aja ya bong..

  4. nice template my blog :khophim24g.blogspot.com

  5. oh, dudu templatemu dewe toh bong...

  6. nice template but its not working fine

    everytime a window opens and keeps coming back

    check this out here


  7. @administrator:ask the author :) pls

  8. bro,,, ko mw download aja ampe 3x buka link?? cape jg bro....

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