Jan 6, 2009

White Slide

My new blogger template. I have no idea to call it, I just call it " White Slide". Simple and clean template. You can use this template maybe for your personal blog, video, or photo blog. It has featured slide at the top of main post so you can put your favorite image. At the right side I put message box, so you can show your status or Quote of The day. Here is the screenshoot.

As I promise, here's xml file including setting instruction. More question you can email me.


Because of bandwidth exceeded, this script sometimes doesn't works.
Please download script used on this template here

download Sjquery.txt script
download slider.js script
download blogger comment.js script

upload it to your own hosting. Replace all script URL through Edit HTML with your script URL


  1. bong keren bong.. ijin sedooot :c:
    mo ambil script2nya

  2. Bwah!! ikie ndek mana link donlodnya :d:

    wealah blom ada tooooh.., udah maen ijin sedat sedot aje *brb sedot ingus*

  3. miss cebong ipiet is master of design :D

    tutorialnya jangan lupa :D

  4. Great...!! Your themes design are perfect.

  5. weeks.. lagi gila bikin template nigh :p

  6. @subagya:gw waras kaleeee, hayah, ituh mah template lama lama tinggal di upload aja xixixixi
    @once:thx vo visiting
    @fuda:wekekkeke besok besok aja ah masih males
    @baka kelana: thx

  7. bedeh, sadis oi template na. minta dunk,wekekke

  8. Kalo lihat template yang dipasang dengan slide, aku jadi ingin pasang lagi nih....

    :), pasang apa ga yaa... :)

  9. @cahaya:xixiixix ya tergantung, coba deh dipasangi slide trus diisi potonya ebong ipiet :f:
    @bang herro:sadis hikz :a:

  10. dua jempol buat template ini, bong! keren!

  11. kene photo mu bong..., tak pasange nang slede-ku.
    Tapi, fungsine gawe opo??

    wingi tak coba gawe ngusir nyamuk, yo podo ae... ga ilang nyamuk'e iku...


  12. Bong... kowe kok ga turu...turu seh ....
    wes bengi ngene, ndelok monitor ae....
    (monitor PC, opo Laptop, opo HP ????)
    (cebong reply = "urusanku aaaa")


    Biasane, nek modele koyok kowe, gawe quadrant opo yooo...?? mboh.... ga ngerti...


  13. wew... ditunggu nih, uplod xml nya... :D


  14. super nice template.. i can't wait for the code. I plan to use it for my http://fave-tv.blogspot.com blog.. i hope you can lend some help in the installation..thanks a lot..

  15. aduh....aku tak pandai....macam mana nak download and guna templet nih....

  16. :h:
    just trying your adorable little cartoon characters..

  17. wii jago design template juga yak :h: keren... mau dung belajar sama suhu. Btw, Evy baru bikin template tema palestine, kasih masukan dung

  18. baguuuuus bgt ... !!
    aku donlot ahh :k:

  19. weleh weleh bong, itu ada orang malaisya juga blong..
    (ech bong gituh maksudnya..)

  20. @rampadan: heuheuehue lah kebanyakan emg orang walondo
    @rimz kawai:silahkan
    @evyta:baru belajar mbak, saya ngga bisa basa pemrograman sama sekali :m:
    @pinay:it's so cute i think, i've uploaded xml :h:
    @mcrispy: kirim ayam crispy saja buat saya
    @neilhoja: udah
    @cahaya:wekekekkee masalah nya ndak pny otak gmn

  21. mbak bong, plis beri nilai template saya dong???
    ya ya ya.......???

  22. anyar..neh iki? jian produktif bangt gawe anak ...eit... sorri gawe template

  23. @pingin gawe anak: wkekkekwke ono ono ae
    @sahabat bumi:meluncuur

  24. salutos cokolatos... deh ama ipiet, eh ini ijo yah bukan coklat, dah rabun saya, abiz ijo sih, mata saya jadi ijo juga.

  25. so interesting and exiting slide, i will consider to use it...

  26. waah templatrnya keren,

  27. Bong... yg ini muantep banget bong... muantep bong...
    ada tutorialnya juga lagi.....

    ahahahahha... ebong emang mantep bgt deh akh......

  28. keren deh...
    top markotop
    gut marsogut
    sip markusip
    jos mak nyos..

  29. keren mas, template nya, numpang dolot yach

  30. keren mas, template nya, numpang donlot yach

  31. HI,

    I tried putting images in the slide but the slider effect is not working what maybe the problem. Please Help me.

  32. Hi, I tried putting image in the slider, but the slider effect is not working properly. what can be the problem. Please help. my blog address is

    Please do reply....

  33. @piyush:script bandwidth is exceeded...be patient :)

  34. Hello! Can you help me?
    On Step Carousel, the navigation buttons (leftnav, rightnav) don't show up. Don't know how to fix it.
    My Blog: mundodeferias.blogspot.com

  35. @serafim : Because of bandwidth exceeded, this script sometimes doesn't works.
    Please download script used on this template here

    read my post, there's script download link

  36. it downloads as an rar file ext that i cant open. how can i just get xml

  37. @cush: dont you have winzip or winrar?
    should extract it

  38. Hi. I would like to remove the featured slide bit. can u please teach me how to do it? Thank you.

    tian x

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