Jan 5, 2009

Blue Revo

Introducing my new blogger template, adopted from revolutiontwo WP themes and I convert it to magazine style. At first I add slide show, but I decide to remove it, maybe for next template. Easy to customize, simple navigation bar.


  1. Siap siap nih ! Ayo serbu download templatenya

  2. i'm waiting for the instruction and how to set up...
    thanks ipiet...

  3. kna undang2 penyalah gunaan merek tuh.. :e:

  4. @ikhsan:wew yg mana
    @fuda:maksod looo
    @suryaden:okey mister

  5. duh pengennya aku ganti kulit, tp klo inget error2nya mules.. eh males jadinya.

  6. @mas belly:xixixixix puyeng mas kalo total ganti...heheh lahw ong yg itu jg cuman permak dari template asli blogger

  7. mbak bong, lha kok nang gambarnya, onok slideree....
    Terus, nang Demo-ne ga onok. ketoane ketinggalan nang sepur iki....... :)

    ndelok birune iku...aku yo dadi pingin iki...

  8. @cahaya biru:wekekkekeke lah itu tak wenehi keterangan ga sido...tak pake di theme yg ini

  9. karya2nya makin mantabs aja nih. download ya he..he... buat temen nih

  10. Hi there,

    I really like this template and it might become my next default one.

    3 things I like to clarify before, maybe you can help me:
    a) IE7: If you maximize the IE7 browser window at http://bluerevo.blogspot.com/ you will discover that the header section is not centered any longer. This works in FF or Chrome as expected.
    b) IE7: The search field is above the header section and not in the header section. This might cause problem a).
    c) Question: Any chance that the top link list (Home, Posts RSS) can be adjusted that the right end is aligned with the right site of the white text box below? Diffiult to describe, I hope you got it ;-)

    Thanks, Mario

  11. @mario:thanks for your comment. Yess you right, this template best preview in firefox, so difficult to adjust in IE , but I'll try to adjust it as your suggestion...

  12. Very good staff, I am under that I downloaded from, I know how to change the header for an image which is the name of the blog, thank you very much.

  13. Ini templatenya udah ada Read more automatis kah? Balaz ke 4dy.tkj@gmail.com

  14. This was the absolutely best template there is out there, I mean for me. This template got me into blogging really, but I have some problems with the headers, it doesn't fit, there's a break in the header. I've been trying to correct it, but I can't really figure out what it is. If you've got the time to help me, I would be really glad.

    Check out my blog, http://marcus-sundman.blogspot.com

    It's where the text: "Jag är Marcus Sundman, 24 snart 25 år gammal, blivande sjökaptensstudent. Har alla körkortsbehörigheter, är gammal unix-nisse. Kommer skriva om allt som faller mig in. Kan bli om sådant som redan hänt mig som är värt nämnas, eller nya upplevelser och historier. Häng med mig!" is situationed, I want the background white and formatted with the main parts.

    Would you help me please? Thank you very much.

  15. Hi Marcus,

    I played around with the template and here's my result:
    ScreenshotIf this is okay I can send you my changes tonight. Need to leave now.

    Cheers, Mario

  16. @mario: hay, thanks for visiting again hehe. how are you? thanks for your help

    @marcus:mario have ever been face the same problem...you can contact him

    this is my problem, when I create this template, i didn't use width resolution and try header description. I'll try to fix it

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