Jul 23, 2009

How to Put Twitter Icon on My Blog?

As my previous post, there are so many twitter icon and button resources. And the next question is how to put twitter button on my blog?
There are many ways to do this. But if you want the fast and simple way, you can use this free twitter icon service. This site offer up to 176 twitter icon.

Here's the step
  1. Go to twitter icon site
  2. Choose your desired icon/banner/button
  3. Enter your twitter username
  4. Copy HTML code
  5. Go to your blogger dashboard
  6. Click on Layout
  7. Click Add a Gadget , at sidebar or wherever you want to put this twitter icon
  8. Choose HTML Gadget
  9. Paste HTML code from twittericon.com
  10. Save
Now you get the banner and start to tweet tweet


  1. mbak bonk tanya....diriku minta code buat mouseover
    kalo gambarnya dideketi mouse bisa berubah gemana yah code nya.....

  2. @dapet duit tanpa modal:yuup
    @haqie:pakai kode hover image aja

  3. mouseover jalan di IE ga si bong.. *IE6

  4. @denny: ga tau juga den , ya pke class hover aja hehehehe :D
    g punya IE 6 si..

  5. waow....fantastik.maksih banyak y...

  6. uhuuuyy... diriku udah masang mbak... :D

  7. wah mba cebong ganti template juga nihh,, heheh
    tadi aku ganti tmplate amburadul kabeweeeehhh... nyesel aku....
    mba bong, tukeran banner yuk...
    aku pasang banner punya mba bong dulu deh

  8. @slam: maaf slam :D totally commercial purpose di sini , dipecat nanti kl bnyk banner

  9. Seperti sebelumnya, ntar dipasang kalo layout'Q yang baru dah jadi, kyaakakakakakkakak.....
    Semangat mbak..!!! :D

  10. bang..aku pake templatemu, tp tanggal postingan koq undefine ya?? ada solusi? btw,, templatenya mantaff

  11. @fahmi:di setting time stamp format nya, pilih format misal Saturday, Jun 11, 2009
    @zippy:okey kikikiki

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  13. Jadi pengen pasang widget twitter lagi di blog nih...!!!!

  14. It a nice icon. I just use a simple icon on my blog =)

  15. Piet. Mantep nih tips nya...

  16. Oi gostaria de fazer parte do seu blog.

  17. Informatif... I wanna follow you, May I?

  18. informatif, but i have not twitter.
    maybe i want to made :D

  19. Thanks for the great selection of Twitter buttons for our sites and blogs.

  20. @colleen: thanks
    @chill: just create it maybe for fun
    @range: yes

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  29. So useful-thanks!!!!

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