Jul 26, 2009

7 Usefull Widget for Blogger

As I posted several days ago, Blogger has launched new functional gadget that is recent comment, recent post, etc. But there's a little lack, because this new gadget by default only has black color, not suitable for dark template. We're still waiting for customizing tutorial.
Fortunately, blogger user have developed functional widget using javascript. Here's the list functional widget for Blogger that really you need.

1. Random Post Widget

This widget is developed by Bloggodown. Random posts widget displays random links of your blog post. This help show content that is neither recent nor popular. The widget displays links in form of link lists. So you can change the layout by changing the css of your blogger template. There are two options, random post list and random post with summary. This widget really easy to install. Just go to author site.

2. Recent Post with Thumbnail

This recent post with thumbnail widget is developed by Bloggertricks . Actually there are several way to show recent post, using RSS feeds, simply javascript, but this is really eye catching widget. Visitor can see thumbnail picture. Need some editing to make this widget display properly.

3. Total Count Post and Total Comment on Post Widget

This simple widget will show your total post and total comment. Maybe you want to showoff blog popularity through show how many post and how many comment. You can get this widget from Bloggodown

4. Related Post Widget

Related post widget really usefull to extend pageview of your blog. Placed under post and will show another post in same category. You can get this widget from Blogspottutorial.

5. Popular Post Widget

Popular post widget show link of most commented post. This widget is usefull as visitor reference which is most interesting post. Get this widget and installation setting on Bloggerstop

6. Recent Comments Widget

Recent Comment widget is helpfull to track newest comment, so you can response it quickly. Imagine if there's no recent comment widget, infact your visitor drop comment on your old post. Get this recent comments widget from bloggerstop

7. Top Commentator Widget

This widget show the most loyale visitor that always drop comment on your post. Show your gratefull by showing their link. Get this widget from bloggerstop

Any another suggestion for blogger widget list? Just drop your comment here


  1. yes it is true all this widget is useful for me
    regard yeah from me
    Blogger Pemula

  2. Thanks dude for your post about widget

  3. header nya lucu...abstract i like it.....
    gemana mbak bonk...minta ajarin yang kalo gambarnya didekati pointer mouse bisa berubah gemana carae?

  4. @haqie: berubah gimana? effect nya apa jadi ada dua gambar?
    @slamet:dude herlino kkwkwkwkw

  5. wow.. nice article *notspam*

    I like widget that can edited by own, couse some problem in css we can fixing. Some blogger make widget and add it on blogger widget so can't edited :(

    editing widget more usefull and make the different. aw aw aw..

    ganti header ya bu.. aku masih belum menemukan logo yang bagus iks.. ada usul.. x(

  6. @denny: mase nyoba2 juga..:( tau nih ga sreg... i dont know what's program used, API? :D haha totally blind about that...

  7. Pokok'e.., I Like all here.., kang cebonk..,Trims

  8. mbak mau naruk banner kah ke blog ku di haqieart? 10000 2 minggu deh mbak gemana???

  9. wokeh...yg blog punya Bie aja yho...

  10. the Random Post Widget is so slow, I immediately deleted it after one hour, anyway do u have a tutorial on comment smiley?

  11. @SB : yes I have. check this blog, http://cebongipiet.blogspot.com
    click on post, and you'll see it's blog use emoticon on comment form

  12. Okeh mbk kalo ya,
    Email aku ya, haqi.tetsuya@gmail.com

  13. @haqie: ntar kalo uda jadi banner nya ya qie, ntar aku bilang ke orangnya bwt bikin..ukey

  14. ukeh mbak thx atas bantuannya hiks2 jadi terharu..........

  15. Mbk, kalo dh jd banernya di krim lwad email dund, n slesekan pmbyaran,oke

  16. Bagus dan manfaat, aduh maaf banget sebelumnya saya panggil mass kepada ni yg pnya blog.. he..he.. kali lagi maaf..

  17. tetep sabar ngenteni dirimu membahas wordpress...
    babahno dirimu males, suwe-suwe lak gak males... hohoho...

  18. halloo...salam knl aja nih,.....wah mantap nih very helpfull banget blog nya....

  19. it's sooo helpful! Makasih ya!! you ROCKS!

  20. Uhuk..uhuk....
    Sek...tak liat baik2 :D

  21. wow..
    i'm using wordpress :D

    wordpress have the plugin, so we just stay ready. btw thnks for sharing

  22. Salam. Nice widgets i used some of them. thank you...

  23. mantap bro postnya, bisa tukeran link gak?


  24. cebong... hwhwh... sukses di sini rupanya, hag hag hag...

    masi blum bisa nih, bikin blog buat kerja.. :D ada usul ga bong? yang spesifik gitu lah... heheh...

    anyway, selamat lah bong.. u have found your own way ^^ salut2.. ama dirimu.

  25. neil:preferensi mu apa, aku ud fokus design aja hehehe

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  27. mantap - mantap widgetnya emang sangat berguna..

  28. Eghmm, mbak yang recent comment kok gak jalan yak ?!?
    aq dah masuk ke webnya, tp pas d truh d blogger ku yg muncul bkan blog q, tp pny dia, pdahal dah sesuai perintahnya ...
    boleh minta kirim codenya via email mba ?!
    ke get.motivasy@gmail.com ... please

  29. I really love this post ..

    its very helpful ..!



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  31. Good and necessary widget to make a attractive blog.Thanks.

  32. @gothika: i think it because script bandwidth exceeded

  33. kak.. mau tanya nih,,,
    kalo udah pasang related post with thumbnail boleh pasang random post g??
    mampir balik yak

  34. nice tips&trik....that's usefull.
    welcome to my blog at http://infomersial.blogspot.com...and write ur opinion. Thank's

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  43. tips some widgets that are sought after bloggers ... thanks a lot friend

  44. I think I'll use some widgets for my blog. Thanks for sharing my friend. Your tutorial is very usefull.

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  46. The widget - 4. Related Post Widget - the code of this widget is not working.
    Please fix. Thanks.


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