Jun 14, 2009

Why Date Not Show Up on Post?

"Why the date not show up on my blog post?"
Have this ever happened to you? Actually this is simple problem. Template designer usually set this date header not display considering its appearance. How to solve this problem? There's two alternative solving problem.

1. Check HTML Code
First, you have to check html code, as I said, the author could be set date display none. Go to EDIT HTML. If there's code below

h2.date-header {
margin: 1.5em 0 .5em;
display: none;

Delete display: none;

And then Save. Preview it and date will appear.

2. Change Timestamp Format Setting

Even the author set not to display date header, usually they still set to display timestamp. Actually we can this tricky setting.
Go to Setting > Formatting > Timestamp Format
There's many choice of timestamp format setting. Choose timestamp that show date, voila, your date will appear.


  1. Because your not yet setting at tanggalnya...

  2. @hendriono: ??! :D maksudnya... ini buat yg kadang tanya kenapa tanggal nya ga muncul. Kalau saya bikin template memang ga begitu suka memunculkan tanggal, ga rapi

  3. Nice tutorial....
    di templet coklat yang kemarrin ku pake nyetting tanggalnya angel banget mbak....akhire ganti...hehehheehe

  4. saya ada soalan,
    ".post {
    background: #FFF;
    float: left;
    margin: 0 0 20px;
    padding: 0px; "

    apa maksud #FFF ? adakah ini bermakna, warnanya putih atau bagaimana? kerana background posting berwarna tidak sama seperti warna background .
    Harap dapat diperjelaskan kemusykilan saya.


  5. @nik awin: #FFF adalah kode warna putih. Kode putih selengkapnya adalah #FFFFFF (6 karakter) hanya saja karena sama maka bisa di tulis #FFF

    kode warna dapat dilihat di sini


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  8. voila kuwi sopo bong?? pacar barumu kah??


  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Did I mention, thank you! This was soooo frustrating and I have tried a few different code tweaks to no avail.

  10. hi i am using one of your free blog template but i encounter this problem. the date appears many times in one post. it seems that the supposed date for my previous post was placed on my newest post. can someone help me with this pleas? i really love the template.

  11. thanks this really help! :) didn't know that the only thing that I had to change is the timestamp lmao x)

  12. Wow, awesome!! You fixed all my sites!! Thanks so much for your help. Simple fix that I should have known. Thank goodness for Google and your site representing at the top of search!

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