Apr 15, 2009

How To Change Blogger Template?

How to change blogger / blogspot template without deleting widget? Previously I had felt the inconvenience because when I was uploading the new template xml, there is always a warning to delete the widget. If only one or two widgets in the sidebar or you just build your blog, it would not be a problem, but if you have so many widgets in the sidebar of course it will be more complicated. So what's solution?

The first way is backup (copy paste) all the HTML code in the sidebar, including blogroll links to the notepad and then install one by one again. It is still distressing, imagine how many blogroll links or banner code that must be re-installed?

Many friend ask, why I always lost sidebar widget if we upload a new template? For information, why the widgets can be deleted? Because the widget in the old xml template is doesn't exist on the new xml template.

For example, your old template have widget Linklist1, Blogroll1, HTML1, HTML2, HTML3, Label1, Blogarchive1. And your new xml code only have widget Label1, Blogarchive1. So, Linklist1, Blogroll1, HTML1, HTML2, HTML3 will be deleted automatically when uploading new xml template.

Based on this, to change blogger template safely is copying the template xml widget code from old template to new template in the xml which will be uploaded.

Follow this step below :
  • First download and save your old template, open Edit HTML and click on Download Full Template
  • Download notepad + + freeware to re-edit, download here
  • Open old xml template (that you've downloaded first) and new xml template using notepad + +
  • Copy widget code from old template , for example in the sidebar widget, copy the code between
<div id='sidebar-wrapper'>
<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>



  • Open the new xml template that will be uploaded
  • Paste all the code that is copied from old template to a new template. Just paste to sidebar element, it can be edited(arranged) later through page element
  • Continue till all widget code is copied to new xml template
  • Save your new xml template
  • Upload your new xml to your blog
  • Save it and you won't face delete widget
See also : Indonesian Version
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  1. entar tak ganti deh mas ipiet gitu ya....huhuhuh.......soal cumi2 ora iso gambar cumi2 asal draw tau2 jadinya burung yang mirip ayam ya udahlah biarin. huhuhuhu

  2. @squidward:wekekekke malah merusak pasaran jd mas mas, hoOH kaya ayam mirip bebek

  3. walah kok squidward seh.......enak aja nama orang diganti2 saya bilangin kak seto lo.....huhuhu

  4. wah, keren banget tutorialnya nih...

  5. Hi there, on a theme that i use, i want to add some background color to all the comments, currently the comments kind of gets mixed up, can you give me some advise on how to edit that with my template?

    Btw, you have some fantastic templates, quite creative and nice work!

  6. @the muse:wow ure graphic designer...love ur blue color choice

    maybe you can tweak this section

    #comments-block .comment-body {
    margin: .25em 0 10px;
    padding-left: 20px;

    change that background color

    or u you can search how to make highlight difference color between author and visitor comment

  7. Thank You! Yes, I am! :)

    I tried searching for those lines in my code, but didn't find, not even with ctrl+f! haha Whenever if you have a lil time could you please look at the source code & offer me some suggestion?! Currently, thats the only thing i would like to change!

    Btw, just grabbed your RSS feeds, will love to see more of your works, keep it up! :)

  8. @sonali: thanks, I love cute stuff like yours
    I've seen your source code. It seems ur template doesn't set comment block CSS code. Actually you can add it self.

    #comments-block {
    width: 580px; *you can set this value same to main-wrapper width or just adjust it self*
    float: left;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    #comments-block .comment-author {
    margin: .5em 0;
    font-weight: bold;
    #comments-block .comment-body {
    margin: .25em 0 10px;
    padding-left: 20px;

    #comments-block .comment-body p {
    margin: 0 0 .75em;
    .deleted-comment {
    font-style: italic;
    color: gray;

    just edit background color

  9. Oh cool everybody likes cute stuffs, me too! :D

    Yeah, I reckon. I think, i am gonna play with it on my test blog this weekend and will get back to you, hope it works! Ah, and any specific place you prefer this snippet to be added? or anywhere between body tag?!

  10. @sonali:great im waiting for. Just put between body tag

  11. Hiya, dropping by to let you know that your tip was very helpful and it worked, Thank You, so much! :)

    I also highlighted the author comments, you can see it in action. The thing is i don't post my own comment from profile, so it will not get highlighted, see what i mean in the link, given above. Not that it is very important , but if there is any tip for that let me know!

    Hey one more thing: Currently, you will see, "Post a Comment" gets a lil mixed up with comment, i want to have some spacing between it and comments, where can i make the changes?

    Hey, thanks again!

  12. @sonali:hooh you're welcome, such a fun weekend ha? hehehehe, Ok, I'll check the source code

  13. Haha Coding is fun, if it works!
    Thanks, i replied on my blog.

  14. Hey,

    Like, I said earlier, i am buying my custom domain, can you direct me to a good tutorial, or if you have one, give me the link please, pretty please!:D

    Btw, i read that you can either use http//yoursite.com or http//www.yoursite.com....but i see for your site both works, how did you do that?

  15. @sonali: i can't find tutorial in english hehehe... My friend telling how to so he help me to set up step by step. Sometimes my site only work using www

  16. iya tuh, makanya aku paling malas ganti template, soalnya harus mengganti widget yang segitu banyaknya, bisa sampai sejam lebih...

  17. @joe: weleh, lah napain di ganti, dikopas aja dulu di template yg mao di upload, jadi g usah masang lagi satu satu, cukup 5 menit gnti template

  18. Hi! Great templates and tut's- one question though. When I'm creating a new template to use, how do I get the buttons on the sidebar (example: followers, archives) to match my new "theme" instead of just being a linked word? Will my new template automatically change the look of them or will they remain the same as the original minima template?

  19. @tara:
    you can do this simply step

    1. Try your new template at new blog (create new trial blog)
    2. Open your current blog (old template)
    3. Go to Edit HTML, no need to tick on expand widget template
    4. Copy all widget beetween sidebar (read my post)
    5. Paste to your new HTML template
    6. Save
    7. Download your trial template
    8. Upload to your current blog template
    9. It's automatically no widget will be deleted, because you upload new template that have the same name with old template

  20. alahai...anis buknnyer nk care tukar tanpe delete widget..anis nk CARE TUKAR TEMPLATE

  21. @anis : download file xml nya. Silahkan di klik link download nya. Kemudian buka EDIT HTML. UPLOAD TEMPLATE YANG SUDAH DI DOWNLOAD

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