Apr 17, 2009

Blogger Post using Email

When you login to your dashboard you'll see there's two new icon, mobile phone and email icon next to new post button. Now blogger make post easier. You can post everywhere through email or mobile phone.

How to post using email? Simply, just click email icon, and you have to create your blogger mail. This email address will be your blogger mail account. Just write post like write email as usual and put your blogger mail account that you've created to mail address. Your email subject will be your post title. You also can upload image using attachment and will be embedded on your post. Enjoy it


  1. He'eh emang blogger makin mengoptimalkan perkembangan teknologi.. :)

  2. ipit ngomon apah ? aku ga mudeng :((

  3. ini blog apa web yah :D

    aduh saya udah ketinggalan jaman skg bong...

  4. @om nara: wew, lah emg janjian ama jaman di mana? kok bisa ketinggalan ekkkekeke
    @echi:cuman ngetik
    @fariez: hoOh we'll see next featured

  5. is there a way to include pictures in the body of the email (i'm usin Outlook Express)

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