Nov 30, 2012

Kiddiez Shop Blogger Template

Kiddiez Shop is a remake of Childhood Memory blogger template. I remake this cute kids template become kiddiez online shop template. I didn't make any changes of illustration, just redesign blog layout become gallery style that represent online store template.

Suitable for kids fashion blog, kids toys blog, and many more about children. This is free template and I give it as it is, no special support or customization. Enjoy it. Any installation problem? Please read this How To Install Template


  1. I think it's your own drawing.. simple and cute one..

    1. yes it is, because I can't draw complicated object :)))

  2. nice template...thx... that good for blog about children

  3. can i get ur email ? I would like to order a customize skin/layout for blogspot

  4. check my sidebar...i have put my email there. thanks


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