Dec 19, 2011

Me and My Bear Blogger Template

Another cute blogger template/linda plantilla de Blogger for you, Me and My Bear blogger template. Its name based on graphic on header, girl with her bear.

As you know, I like to create woman and girl template, so this is also for your girl, use it on your personal diary blog.

You also can customize it with another cute blog header.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope you figured out how to put this on your blog c:
      First download this template -> go to blogger -> template -> backup/restore -> chose file -> and click on the template file. Hope that helps! :D

  2. Me and my blogger so nice and lovely that can be more enjoyment and entertainment in this blogger so nice and informative post shared on the site.

  3. Mostly people are very like it me and my bear blogger so that can be enjoy it. the wonderful site and fantastic site post on the site.

  4. very touching blog template for female.

  5. it's cute and nice!really love it!^^

  6. waahh very cute templates! how can i use this as my blog templates?

  7. hi, i want to ask,,

    can i change the backround of this template? pls tell me hw to change it?

  8. Ikh, I love it ..
    you people seem funny and cute ...
    women really ..
    I also like it at this

  9. can you make the new one ?? hmm .. if you want .. i wanna make miss whatever blogger template .. can you made it for me /?

  10. aduuh lucu banget, template lain yang pake font kayak gitu ada nggak ? nggak begitu suka warna pink saya

  11. mbak ebong... aku donlot yaahh :D

  12. I really like this! but how do I use it on my blog?

  13. k', kok gak bisa yah :(
    pass d priview error . katanya "kesalahan bX-ev2g3m"
    tapi klo coba template yang lain bisa ..
    minta bantu yah k' .. pliiisssss :'(

  14. Hi! I'm a blogger, and I decided to download your template. I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator, so some words may be wrong. Well, I'm just here to say I loved your template and using it. Kisses and even more!


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