Mar 18, 2012

Does Infographics Work For Link Building?

Making a link building campaign maybe difficult enough, but if you find right way, your website will be ranked by Google and all other major search engines. I can't say the right or even the best way of link building method. Personally, I just create usefull content and share it to my readers. If they think it's usefull, I'm sure they will spread and share my site link by giving one way link. Is it effective enough? I think so.

Nowadays, there's new method called infographics. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Why use infographics? Many source said, it aim to get inbound links, share relevant information, increase consumer awareness of your brand and your products/services, and increase website traffic, leads and sales. Is it really works? Another source said that is there's also the dark side of method.

Via: Tradebit

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