Mar 4, 2012

D'cakes by Dewi Blog Template Design

The newest cake blog design order from Mbak Dewi. She ask me to design blog template with pastel colors such as brown, pink, green, or blue. She likes cute template so I combine the color, icon, background, and illustration.

And this is custom blog design special for Dcakes by Dewi. I try not to use stripe background so I use floral pattern. The blog header, look at the classic and cute blog logo. Woman bring birthday cake and decorate some cupcakes describe what D'cakes by Dewi services. Additional design is sticker and blog banner. You can take a look the sticker at sidebar.

If you're interested in making a custom blog design, please contact me


  1. Oh My Gosh! It's so pretty ^^
    I want it! :)

  2. Love this one and this one

    How can i contact you?
    My blog is so boring :D

  3. please . i want this :'(

  4. for further information, please email me :) check my portfolio page

  5. like the other people, I very very WANT thisssssss :'(((((((((

  6. pls do email me the price for this template..tq

  7. is it possible of you make it free? i really want it :'(

  8. i want this plesase

  9. I want this please email me the code.
    thank you. :*


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