Jun 5, 2011

Perfume Online Store

Another online store theme series. You also can download shoes online store template and baby online store template. If you have another online store template idea you can write a request on comment.

Perfume Online Store template, special for perfume, eau de toilette, fragrance products. Actually you also can modify and use for beauty and make up products.

Its dominated with pinky color. Gallery style make it attract your customer. You also can put your promotional banner on bottom area.


You can create your own perfume online shop logo, then upload it through Page Element.
I just give this free template as it is. No additional editing provided. It will take additional charge. Thank you


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  2. Hi, was wondering if I can put the title of the post at the bottom of the picture so it will not block the image and is it possible to change the opacity so it is slightly transparent? Can I know which part of the coding is that?

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