Jun 8, 2011

Best Handwriting Fonts from Google Fonts

I prefer create woman blog template and use handwriting font for post, title, or sidebar. I think handwriting font is a friendly font, unformal, and girly. It's just my humble opinion maybe you have different thought.

Since Google launched Google Web Fonts, I have used it on my blog CSS. Google web fonts let you to use it on your web with free host from Google.

Here I share best handwriting fonts from Google webfonts.

The Girl Next Door
Foundry: Kimberly Geswein
Version: 1.002 2010

'the girl next door' is based on the handwriting of a middle school geography teacher.

Dawning of a New Day
Foundry: Kimberly Geswein
Version: 1.002 2010

Dawning of a New Day is based on the handwriting of a friend.

Waiting for the Sunrise
Foundry: Kimberly Geswein
Version: 1.001 2001

Waiting for the Sunrise is based on the handwriting of a high school student. I usually use this font for kids,children,or any personal blog template.

Foundry: vernon adams
Version: 1.000

Pacifico is an original and fun brush script handwriting font by Vernon Adams which was inspired by the 1950s American surf culture. I usually use Pacifico font for blog title CSS.

Just Another Hand
Foundry: Astigmatic (AOETI)
Version: 1.000

Just Another Hand is a narrow brush drawn handwriting font. Use this for post or body font.

Dancing Script
Foundry: Pablo Impallari. www.impallari.com
Version: 1.002

Dancing Script is a lively casual script where the letters bounce and change size slightly. Caps are big, and goes below the baseline. Dancing Script references popular scripts typefaces from the 50's. It relates to Murray Hill (Emil Klumpp. 1956) in his weight distribution, and to Mistral (Roger Excoffon. 1953) in his lively bouncing effect.
This beautiful font suitable for woman blog.

Crafty Girls
Foundry: Font Diner, Inc DBA Tart Workshop
Version: 1.000

Inspired by crochet hooks, yarn, grandma's button box, thread, glitter and crafty girls hands everywhere! This is a casual and friendly font, suitable for teen personal blog CSS template.

If you're using new template designer you can easily pick the font from the template designer. But if you're using customized template, read this how to use cstom font.


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