Aug 12, 2009

Free Icon Download Gallery

Need an icon for desktop or web development? There are so many icon that free to download. It's wasting time to search one by one. Simply, just browse from icon gallery and get what you need. These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, they are free for personal and non commercial use / free for public non-commercial use. This means that you are free to modify the design to suit your tastes in any way, but you must include the provided link back to authors site or notify the author.

Here some list of free download icon gallery


Free Icons Web

Icon Archive

Free Icons Download


  1. Hi sob, thanks for icon.
    The icons is good and elegant.

    "These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, they are free for personal and non commercial use / free for public non-commercial use"

    But why "non commercial use"
    One again : Good icons!

  2. @gadget: where's the ethic if user sold it for commercial purpose, infact the designer release it free

  3. kalo aku biasanya yang icon archive ituuuuuuh......lumayan bagus2 lhoooooh

  4. Trengkyu, hehe...
    Kalo sy biasa'x dmn ya download'x?
    Duh, lupa e, hihihi...

  5. Sip bangets mbak,.
    wis jan sampeyan ki pancen pinterrrr

  6. Thank you friend! I will find blackberrylicious uses for them. Lol.

  7. thanks for your info.. great idea!!

  8. HELLO!

    you have such an AMAZING site!
    thank you for all your incredible resources! :)
    I am definitely donating to this site.

    One question:: are you familiar with how to block ip addresses from your blog?


  9. @hello friend: im sorry i dont know yet how to :) thanks for visiting, hope i can update this site continously
    @manusia:thanks for your comment
    @bunda:you're welcome bunda
    @melanie: haha, sorry im busy for this two days, will reply your mail soon
    @zippy:try it
    @haqie:same with me

  10. Nice icons. This is what i am looking for. I feel lucky to put your link in my site few month ago.

  11. Nice info, .. addition to my recent rss feed

  12. Good day Cebong,
    This is off topic but hope you would answer this. I am wondering how you show off your real feed count from feed burner without affecting your post on blogger following page? I am following you.

    This is what I experienced : everytime I redirect my blogger feed to my feedburner URL, my feedcount rise up but I don't like what I saw on my blogger following page because it shows my email add. But if my feeds are not redirected, my feedcount falls. :(

    Hope you could help me with this.

  13. @anna: humm never happen to me
    this is my step
    login to
    put my default feeds

    create feed widget, copy HTML code and just put on my sidebar using HTML widget

    nothing impact to my post

  14. visit for free icons gallery :D

  15. @bieicons: keep on your work..

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  17. very very nice collection.i am also having great icon collection .some of them are very cool.but really these all are very very attractive.Thanks for all.

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