Apr 27, 2018

Amazing Ways to Preserve Family Photos and Have Fun Doing It

It’s so much fun living in the digital age when literally every device you have takes amazing photos. You can even get apps that add frames, distortions, and a million (exaggeration!) other photo enhancements to add embellishments to your favorite shots.So then, here you sit with all your digital files and all your family pictures before the digital age and now you are wondering how to preserve them for future generations.

It’s a Family Tradition!
Just like your parents and grandparents handed down special photos throughout the years, you want to do the same thing. The only problem is, now you literally have thousands to sort through. If you don’t believe that, just check your cell phone. If you don’t have at least 100 snaps on there, something is truly wrong! Now multiply that by every person in your family with a phone and by the number of years they’ve been using mobile phones and you’ll clearly see you are talking about a very large catalog! But, what to do with all of them?

Heat Press Your Memories - Wearables
For a special way to preserve your most cherished memories, why not turn them into wearables? T-shirts are among the most popular ways to wear your favorite family photos and heat presses are not nearly as expensive as they once were. If you aren’t sure how to find one you can easily work with, the size you need or even how to use one, check out heatpressguide.com. From T-shirts to handbags and everything in between, you can quickly place your children, your wedding day, or a day at the ballpark on any fabric.

Heat Press Your Memories – Cups, Plates,and Plaques
Every heat press generally comes with attachments you can use on anything from cups to plates and plaques. Use these to make amazing Christmas gifts for family members who will get just as much enjoyment out of the photos as you will. It will take a bit of experimenting, but after a few tries, you might even want to launch a side business doing up memories for others in your community. It really is a fun experience once you get the hang of it.

Scrapbooking 101
Literally, every craft store on the planet has scrapbooking materials. You can get photo corners to keep them in place, little stickers, ribbons, cloth and all sorts of neat embellishments to make a colorful scrapbook you’ll want to show off when people drop by. However, since you are living in the digital age, why not make a heat press cotton canvas scrapbook? Heat transfers are fun to work with and you can work with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to make interesting collages, page by page.
Although you can save your digital files on any device, why not bring them to life by showing them to the world? Put a digital photo viewer in your living room to have a constant slideshow going or wear your kids to work. Just think of all the fun you’ll have and preserving them won’t be such an odious chore.


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