Jun 12, 2010

Blogger Template Designer Now Available on Blogger.com

Actually Blogger has launched its beta testing of Blogger Template designer at March 2010. So we can access it only from draft.blogger.com

Finally, at this June 2010 Blogger Template Designer has officially launched for everyone. Open your dashboard and you can find Design menu.

What we can do with this new blogger template designer?

  • Beautiful new templates. Blogger have designed 19 brand-new templates, with more on the way. You can quickly give your blog a great new style by selecting one of the new templates.[1]
  • Separating design from layout. Designs are completely defined in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), meaning that any design can be applied to any blog layout, making templates more flexible and unique.
  • Hundreds of free, professional background images. We've paired up with iStockphoto to offer you hundreds of gorgeous background images at no cost.
  • A single control to change all your design's colors. With other platforms, users have to define every color in their blog separately, making changing the color theme of your blog a tedious task. The Blogger Template Designer lets you change all the colors in your blog at once, by changing the Main color theme.
  • Pixel-perfect layout manipulation via smooth resizing. You can define your layout down to the pixel via sliders that update the blog's preview in real time.
  • A real-time preview sits below the design control panel. Watch your blog update as you create your template design.
  • Keeping it simple. Throughout the Template Designer we use hierarchy to hide complexity from you.
  • Complete control. Under the advanced tab, you can override a design's CSS and enter your own CSS in the editor and see your blog's preview updated in real time.
  • Cross-browser support. Blogger handles cross browser support for you, so you don’t have to. Want a design with rounded corners? We give it to you in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

Source : Blogger Buzz

[1] Note: Selecting a new template will erase all of your customizations on the existing template, so if you have customized your template be sure to first save the current template at Design > Edit HTML click on Download Full template


  1. saya suka semua nya..bagus -bagus :)

    semoga makin banyak yang girly

    makasih ya untuk templete gratisnya :)

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  3. hi, i can't see anything when i click on that Template Designer. Pls assist... only blank background without any template.. :(

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