Feb 21, 2010

My Personal Blog Featured in 80 Hand-picked Beautiful and Original

So glad to know that my personal blog is featured in "80 Hand-picked Beautiful and Original" on Bloggerbuster. Thanks to Amanda Fazani, the owner of Bloggerbuster. I learn so many blogger hack and tweak from her blog. She also created blogger template, recent comment, recent post, Twitter update, Flickr gadget for Blogger.com. Just check on your blog layout dashboard and pick that gadget. Yes, that's all Amanda's contribution.

Now, customizing blogger template is so easy. So many tutorial about designing, customizing, hacking are available. Unique design is become your identity. Yes, uniquely me.


  1. tat skin makes me wana change my blog skin again and again...thanks for sharing!

  2. you should thanks to me, because i tell you about this information.... @_@...

  3. Hello im having a problem with your "Black Nero" template!I cant seem to use the "drag and drop" function when changing the things on my page.Also when i click "older posts" all the other pages dont display how many comments each of my posts has.Im sorry im writing to you here but i didint find any contact emails.

  4. @gothika: send to cebong.ipit@gmail.com
    that needs some tweak
    @ciput: hehehe thanks to you
    @hana: yes.. our skin is our personality

  5. err...i'm having problems too..don't know whether u can help...it's not a template from here though i'm following this site..i get that template by participating in a contest.and then i modified it.but now things got worse that the permalink doesn't work.it doesnt use the title as the permalink but the content instead.

  6. i really can't figure out how to fix that....
    it really makes me upset that ppl who came thru a permalink end up seeing nothing in my blog ='(

  7. wow..two thumb for you tul, you are the best designer blogspot :d

  8. Emang top lah mabak,
    jika mbak belajar dari orang sono saya belajar dari mbak
    semoga mbak terus maju dan bisa embuat karya-karya hebat lainnya

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi, my name is Lola..
    can you create a template for blogger like this, please?



  11. Blgowalking dari Kaskus..

    denger2 katanya ultah ya ?
    hpy b-day^^

  12. I wonder how can the spam appear on this blog...

    can you fix he spam above?

    it's annoying my eyes..

    congrats for the featured..

  13. I also learned a lot from Amanda Fazani....

  14. Wow, very cool and inspiring steps in blog world

  15. blognya mbak ipiit cute abis,,,
    mampir balik donk mbaaak

  16. mba ... aq mao dong template yang ini,... donlot nya dimana ?!
    hehhehee... thanks ya mba !?

  17. hi sis...salam kenal...

    Q mau nanya ni sama yang dah advance di blogging...
    Q selama ini selalu pake tempate HTML..trus sekarang yang bagus2 kan templatenya udah .xml tuh..gimana caranya di convert ke HTML ya. Dari banyak sumber yang q baca katanya tinggal upload, tapi uploadnya dimanaaaa? soalnya di edit template yang di blogger q ga nemu...binguuung...padahal pengen banget pake template yang lucu2....

    Tolong balles yaa kalo bisa ke emailq juga : deary_06@yahoo.com.

    Thanks lots before

  18. Hi, my name is mrs jamal
    can u create a template for blogger like this 2 me, please?



  19. Hi Cebong,

    I love the illustrations used on your template, especially the girl on the chair. The colour is vividly attractive. Glad to have found your blog that led me to so much information on how to customize the look of my blog! Good things are to be shared ~ that's a great principle that I also dearly hold on too.

  20. @jc: you;re welcome JC... this is my hobby and I love to share
    @jamal: you can email me
    @kudo: mungkin kamu masih make template yang lama, coba cari link untuk upgrade ke template baru. Sekarang blogger malah udah ada template yg lebih baru lagi.jadi lebih baik di upgrade

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  28. he I did not know that, congrats on that, it would be a huge honor to be in 80 Hand-picked Beautiful and Original blogs1 I'm just starting my blog and I hope that one day my blog is on that list!

  29. I was so glad that I have read your blog. You deserve to be in that list coz your blog is indeed very nice.

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