Feb 21, 2018

Three Ways To Cut Costs When Party Planning

There can be nothing more exciting than getting together with your friends and family for a big party! Time to eat, drink and be merry. Whether it’s a special birthday, like a 21st or 40th, or an anniversary celebration, it’s a fabulous excuse to have fun! But, if the organization of it and the costs fall down to you, a party can also be a time-consuming and expensive thing to lay on! Here are some tips for saving cash when planning a big bash!

Think ahead
It’s no good leaving it all to the last minute. When you’re planning a party, you need to get your brain into gear sometime before – months before, maybe, if you have a large event in mind. You need to decide on the kind of party you want. Will it be a simple affair, at yours or somebody else’s house with just friends and family? Or, are you planning to hire a venue and invite lots of people? You also need to give thought to the catering and what kind of entertainment you will lay on to keep all the guests happy!
The best thing to do is to make a list of key things that you need to do, set some milestones and a budget, and try and stick to it all. Having a clear plan in place to help make the organization that little easier, and help you keep the financing of it all in check!

Be ruthless on numbers
It wouldn’t be much fun if you’re only planned to invite one or two people to a party. How would that be a party, hey? So, the chances are, you’re thinking of inviting a fair few people – depending on what you’re celebrating and how large the social circles are. But don’t let the invites get out of hand – and keep tabs on who you are inviting! The last thing you want to do is invite too many for the venue size, or just realize that you can’t afford to pay for all of the catering!
Sit down and think about who you would like to come to the bash and then go through your list a couple of times and see if there’s any way you can reduce it. Do you really need to ask 100 people, when only 50 of them are close friends or family?

DIY invites
Once you’ve decided on who you’re going to invite to your party, then get a final list down in a spreadsheet or on paper and start thinking about the invites. If you want to save cash, then avoid going to an expensive shop or designer to get invitations. Have a look around at online birthday invitations. You may like them even more, and they could help you stay on budget!
Set a deadline for people to respond to your invites. And keep track of those coming and those who can’t make it. You could maybe have a ‘B’ list, substituting in new guests for where there are holes.


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