May 27, 2012

Jeng Sri Personal Blog Template Design

This is a personal blog of my friend, Jeng Sri. She asks simple but colorful appearance for her personal blog. I just combine an eye catching woman graphic and matching color of header background. Also a cute graphic for sidebar and post title background.

Jeng Sri personal blog template design, a simple 3 columns layout for personal blog.


  1. You can make a template for me? I want this as much for the colors. But for the title I want it different. I want only: ON THE READ. And below, as its subtitle: literary blog by Annabel and Veronica. In place of the image of that girl I would like the image of two girls (one with long red hair and blue eyes and one with short blonde hair and green eyes) who read a book. Girls must be very pretty and sitting on the ground. Is it possible? Contact me on for the answer:
    my blog:

    1. please for any inquiry, contact me via email. Thank you

  2. very nice template, suitable for woman

  3. Sera que você pode fazer um theme desse para o meu blog(,não sou muito boa com designer,o blogs trata-se de resenha ,sinopse de livros ,se for possível me envia um IMAIL:


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