Apr 14, 2011

Cute Kawaii Blog Widget For Blogger

What is blog widget? It's like an application placed on your blog. You can put it on sidebar, lowerbar, or anywhere. What's the function of? Imagine this widget like an application on your desktop or mobile phone, its function vary. There are calendar widget, clock widget, welcome widget, weather widget, baby names search widget, birthday widget, etc.

Most girly bloggers love to decorate their blog with free cute blog widget. For personal diary blog, it's common to place a cute widget on sidebar. Remember, this widget sometimes make your blog load slower, so ensure to put useful widget only.

How to use blog widget on blog? Usually, blog widget creator, provide HTML code that you should copy paste. Then go to your Page Element, choose HTML gadget, paste blog widget HTML code.

Where we can get this blog widget for blogspot? Here the list of free blog widget source.

Cute Calendar Blog Widget from Cuteki
Cuteki offers you the cutest kawai calendar ever for your web page or blog.

Cuteki kawaii

Cute Clock Blog Widget from Cuteki


Cute Pin Blog Widget from Cuteki


Sport Blog Widget from Cuteki


Pink Analog Clock Blog Widget from clockwidgets.net

Cute Digital Clock Blog Widget from clockwidgets.net


  1. Gracias por estos relojes tan bonitos. Thank you.

  2. Hi =)

    Did you know any calendar (not google calendar) similar to this?: http://agendaisi.blogspot.com

    BTW i've posted somthing in one of your temlpates, if you can read it and give me some idea, it will be awesome.


  3. nice widget..
    (cute baby & kids clothing)

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  9. Oh god! do you have more widgets like this one you are my heroine!

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