Jul 5, 2010

New Share Buttons on Blogger

Actually, this featured has been launched at June 2010. Sharing is an important feature for bloggers. When your readers find an interesting post, they probably want to share it with other people; this in turn brings more traffic back to your blog.

Blogger now offers new share buttons. The new buttons can be placed under each post and let your blog readers easily share your post via email, Blogger, and popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

You can start show the new share buttons under your posts by editing the Blog Posts widget and enabling Show Share Buttons in Design | Page Elements

If it didn't show, it seems you're using tweaked or customized template, so you need some tweaks.


  1. mbak, aku cobain tapi bener gak keluar tuh
    maksudnya butuh tweaks apa ya?
    please help..thanks

  2. mba.. maksudnya tweaks apa ya?
    g' bisa dicoba di bog saya..
    makasih sbelumnya.

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  4. Kok saya coba nga mau yah... saya coba di inho hhrma

  5. @ash: kalo ga bisa keluar tombolnya, coba di templatenya ditambahin ini:

    <div class='post-share-buttons'>
    <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

  6. Hi - I'm using your Woman Talk blogger background, but the share buttons won't show up. Any tips?

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